Vincent Lindon – Titanium: “It’s all me, including the buttocks”

The actor displays an impressive physique in the film by Julia Ducournau, in competition at Cannes.

JK Simmons had better watch out. In the muscular sixty-year-old category, he now has a strong competitor: Vincent lindon who surprised everyone in the trailer for Titanium, presented this Tuesday in Cannes, the new film by Julia Ducournau (Serious). Impressive in his role as an aging firefighter whose son disappeared ten years earlier, the French actor confided in the JDD on its worthy preparation for Hollywood transformations.

No, it’s all me, including the butt“says Lindon, who was therefore not dubbed for the scenes where he appears naked.”I have always been athletic, but I followed extensive training for a year and a half. Recumbent development, dumbbells, running. Since then it’s like a drug, I keep going even if I reduced the pace“. And obviously, he appreciated this challenge:”At 61, it won’t happen often that I am offered such a physical role.“.

And be the oldest actor on the set of Titanium, where he rubbed shoulders with Agathe Rousselle (32) and Garance Mariller (23), he also really liked: “It amused me to hear a young man say: ‘He’s here, the old man, anyway!’ For the first time, I was the dean on the set. It’s like I’m filming with fifty of my kids. They talk about something else in the canteen, dress differently. I loved this atmosphere. “

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