Virgin River: first revelations on season 4

Virgin River season 3

This is what could happen for Mel and Jack in the sequel to the Netflix soap.

Return to Virgin river on Netflix. Season 3 has been online since last Friday and obviously opens the door to a sequel. So what could a season 4 of Virgin river ? Not yet officially ordered, it is however well and truly in the pipes according to Weekly production, which talks about a shoot this summer and until November 2021 …

Moreover the showrunner, Sue Tenney, already has a lot of things in mind for the future. Attention spoilers!

Starting with the marriage proposal from Jack, who asked Mel for his hand in the last episode of season 3: “Her first answer would be to say yes … But she still has doubts, because after all, he broke up with her not even a few weeks ago.“, comments actress Alexandra Breckenridge in TVLine.

Especially since Mel is pregnant… and she doesn’t know if the baby is Jack’s or Mark’s! If you hope for a quick resolution to this mystery, you are going to be disappointed. “You will know the identity of the father by the end of the fourth season“, assures the showrunner.

As for Charmaine, who has made it clear that she intends to seek full custody of the twins, Tenney promises that we are heading for a major legal war in the next episodes: “I sympathize with Charmaine. I don’t condone her actions. But she’s not mean. She’s just hurt. Everything Charmaine does is out of her pain.”

Jack will still have a tough fight ahead of him and he will be grateful to have his sister in his life. “We will use the fact that Brie is a lawyer “, confirms Tenney.

We will see all of this in 2022, in season 4 of Virgin river.

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