Virgin River, season 4: good news for Hope

Virgin river hope

“We will move forward with this plot,” promises the showrunner.

Actress Annette O’Toole has been largely absent from season 3 of Virgin river. The reason ? The pandemic and the COVID-19 which forced the 69-year-old actress to avoid the crowd on the set. So will Hope be back in Season 4, not yet ordered, but already in the pipes? Attention spoilers!

In the final moments of Season 3, Hope also ended up in hospital with a brain injury after a car accident. But she ain’t gonna die and will be back promises the showrunner Sue Tenney in Entertainment Weekly :

“We’re going to move forward with this plot. For us, it’s going to be about talking about her recovery and what she’ll be facing: traumatic brain injury. In a hospital and recovering, it’s not really where we are used to seeing our series. But we are very attached to the truth of the intrigues and therefore we will go to the end of this convalescence. We will respect the parameters of the medical plan, but we also know what we like to do , ie complicated stories based on emotional dramas. “

Virgin River: first revelations on season 4

Sue also assured fans that Doc (Tim Matheson) remains fully committed to Hope, although Muriel (Teryl Rothery) seems ready to replace her if she does: “Doc, like Jack, is dedicated and isn’t going to walk away from that commitment. But the funniest relationship is between Muriel and Hope. She starts out as dogs and cats; But you’ll see that relationship opens up. It’s fun to take enemies and make them friends. “

Season 4 of Virgin river, not yet officially ordered, is expected in 2022 on Netflix.

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