Virgin River: the interpreters of Mel and Jack lived badly at the end of season 3

Virgin River season 3

Martin Henderson and Alexandra Breckenridge admit to having been surprised, to say the least, by the turn of events …

The shock wasn’t just for the fans! Even the stars of Virgin river struggled to come to terms with Mel and Jack’s path at the end of season 3. Warning for spoilers!

As Jack proposes to her, Mel reveals to her that she is pregnant. And that she doesn’t know who the father is! Hard to take for Martin henderson :

“I’m trying to think of how Jack is feeling right now. He’s obviously a huge bombshell.”, comments the interpreter to TVLine. “Besides, it was at the end of the episode and the season, and we couldn’t see how the two characters received the news. We’ll be keeping this for a potential Season 4, but it’s a very effective cliffhanger. It’s juicy, but it’s a big pill to swallow too. She only left town for a day or two, so he certainly wasn’t expecting that … But just like Jack getting shot, it’s another big question mark hanging over our characters. “

Virgin River, season 4: good news for Hope

Alexandra breckenridge was also very surprised to read what would happen to Mel in Los Angeles reading the scripts: “When we were shooting and reading the scripts, I was skeptical at first. Because if Mel is ready to go through with it, then she really has to believe that there is no more hope for her and Jack at this point. It’s a huge thing and it shows how much she wants to be a mother. When you are under such emotional strain, you are acting in an unusual way. “

That said, at the end of the season, the actress was able to accept her character’s decision: “It holds up and it makes sense to me in the end. While I was filming it, I was like, what is Mel doing? It’s madness! It proves that as an actor or actress, you have to trust the process and the writers. They know better than you! “

It remains to be seen how this will resolve in season 4 of Virgin river, not yet ordered but soon on Netflix.

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