Virgin River: what awaits Mel and Jack in season 3

Virgin River season 3

The Netflix soap series will return on Friday with new episodes.

Eight months after an eventful season 2, season 3 of Virgin river is already coming to Netflix. And the female soap star, Alexandra breckenridge, promises a road strewn with pitfalls for Mel and Jack, during the recovery in the idyllic small town in northern California:

“This Season 3 will be similar to the last two seasons, designed as an emotional elevator with new characters that you’ve never seen before. There are a lot of new characters and we’re following the relationship dynamics that come with that. about four relationships that we follow, and they reflect each other in some way, even though they are totally different “, first entrusts the actress to TV Guide.

Virgin River: the first info on season 3 of the Netflix series

But the relationship that especially interests the fans is that of Mel with Jack (Martin Henderson). After he suffered a gunshot wound in the recent finale, we already know (thanks to the trailer below) that he will survive. And season 3 will begin with a small time jump of a week, from which we will see Jack recovering: “Seeing Jack hurt like that was extremely brutal emotionally for Mel. To say the least. It’s going to upset her, in every way, about her husband and what happened to him. When we find Mel, she’ll try to cope with Jack. She doesn’t want to upset him. She wants him to get well. She knows what’s going to happen medically to him and that comforts her. “

Jack’s gunshot wound might not stress Mel, but the baby taboo just might blow the couple up. “This will be a major hindrance to their story, especially since he’s had babies with Charmaine before. However, Mel also doesn’t say: Let’s have babies tomorrow! I think she’s just trying to let him know that this is going to happen. ‘is something she wants at the end of the day. She knows it and she wants to know if he’s up for it or not … “

If it’s not hot, will that be the end of Jack and Mel? Season 3 of Virgin river, in 10 episodes, will be live on Friday, July 9 on Netflix.

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