Volte/Face 2: Adam Wingard wants Nicolas Cage back

“He is once again one of the most prominent actors in Hollywood”, considers the director.

Adam Wingard, known for directing The Guest, Death Note or godzilla vs kongcurrently preparing a continuation of Flip/Face, the cult action film by John Woo, released in 1997, in which John Travolta and Nicolas Cage swapped bodies, the former playing an FBI agent pursuing the latter, a dangerous terrorist. Interviewed by Empire on this project, he revealed that he would love to film Cage again. He does not explain why or how from a scriptwriting point of view to leave the audience surprised, but considers that the actor is once again a popular star in Hollywood, following the success of Pig orA talent in solid gold : “It’s his moment. Even before he comes out, Pig was presented as ‘a Nicolas Cage movie’. It became obvious. A couple of years ago the studio might have wanted a young comedian, someone breaking through, but now Nicolas Cage is once again one of Hollywood’s hottest actors.”

John Travolta and Nicolas Cage ready to return for Volte/Face 2?

Wingard also explains how challenging this sequel is: “This scenario is the biggest challenge I had to take up”. He co-wrote it with his long-time collaborator Simon Barrett, and while he doesn’t want to go into too much detail about its content, he promises to respect the original work: “We’re under so much pressure to want to be certain that this will bring the legacy of this film to life. But with each writing session, we have these details that tilt, and we say to ourselves: ‘Eh eh ! It’s exactly in the vein of Volte/Face!’

When promotingA Solid Gold Talenta film precisely allowing him to play with his image, Nicolas Cage revealed to have discussed a potential sequel to Flip/Face with Neal. H. Moritz, its producer, but officially, he has not yet signed for this project. John Travolta either, for that matter.

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