Walking Dead: Norman Reedus explains why Carol left the spin-off

Daryl dumps Carol in The Walking Dead sequel trailer

“Melissa wanted to take some time for herself, so she’s going to do it. That’s it.”

The fans of walking dead did not digest the surprise departure of Melissa McBride, who gave up playing in the spin-off announced around Carol and Daryl. Presented by some as being responsible for this disclaimer, Norman Reedus replied on the Jimmy Fallon show, in the last few hours, explaining McBride’s decision in a very simple way:

“Twelve years in walking dead, it’s a grueling schedule… Melissa wanted to take some time for herself, so she’s going to. That’s all. She deserves it”analyzes the interpreter of Daryl Dixon, who supports his playmate in passing.

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In the aftermath, Norman Reedus tease of possible reunions, in a more or less near future: “Jimagine that these two characters will meet again at some point…” But meanwhile, “Melissa is going to take a break and take some time off…and during that time, the production people asked me if I wanted to go on a mission. So I just said: Yeah! Let’s go on a mission. assignment !”

The mission in question will see Daryl roaming zombie Europe in a spin-off series from walking dead which has no title yet and will be released in 2023.

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