Walking Dead: the rant Jeffrey Dean Morgan after the announcement of his spin-off

walking dead season 11 negan

“It was a shock for me to discover that in the media.”

We have known for a few days that Negan and Maggie will still be there after the end of The Walking Dead. A new spin-off titled Isle of the Deadwas announced by the AMC channel officially.

We know he will send the two best enemies to a post-apocalyptic Manhattan long cut off from the mainland. Something to annoy some fans, who are offended to see the screenwriters notoriously forget that the first brutally murdered the husband of the other, not so long ago…

But what annoys Jeffrey Dean Morgan, it’s quite simply that the news of this spin-off – not expected before 2023 at the earliest – was broadcast so quickly in the media. In The Rich Eisen Showhe first explains that, “as we speak”the team of The Walking Dead is still filming the end of the series.

Then he pushes a real rant against the spoiler which naturally follows from the announcement Isle of the Dead : “Guess we’re not going to die in the finale… Spoiler alert, folks. Sorry! No, but I still don’t know why we’ve announced this new series yet. Honestly, it was a shock to me to find out about it in the media.”

It’s clear that Isle of the Dead cannot be a prequel and that, inevitably, it will take place after the end of The Walking Dead. So, if Negan and Maggie are in it, it’s because they will survive the parent series. An embarrassing spoiler for a drama as tense as walking deadwhich prides itself on killing its heroes, when no one expects it…

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