Walton Goggins will star in Jonathan Nolan’s Fallout series

Walton Goggins Fallout

The Righteous Gemstones and The Hateful Eight actor will play a “Ghoul”.

Series fallout from Amazon has found its star. The actor Walton Goggins has just joined the adaptation of the famous video game for Prime Video, by the co-creator of Westworld Jonathan Nolan.

Accustomed to improbable heads, Walton Goggins is best known for his role as Boyd Crowder in justified. He was recently a mad evangelist in The Righteous Gemstones and one of Eight Bastards by Quentin Tarantino.

While his exact persona hasn’t been revealed, he’s expected to play a Ghoul, again sporting an ominous face. In fallout, the Ghoul are mutated humans who suffered prolonged exposure to radiation during the Great War. Because in the world of fallout, a nuclear war in 2077 destroyed everything. The tone is serious, but peppered with moments of ironic humor and nuclear B-movie fantasies.

Geneva Robertson-Dwor and Graham Wagner will serve as showrunners on the series, which will begin production in 2022.

Franchise fallout achieved record sales and received dozens of game of the year awards. His mobile game, fallout Shelterhas been downloaded more than 170 million times.

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