Warner Bros. Discovery is looking for a Kevin Feige to revive DC Entertainment

The new entity wants more projects in the mind of Todd Phillips’ Joker.

With the takeover of MGM by Amazon, this was the other big deal of 2021. Announced last June, the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery, which cost 43 billion dollars (!), was formalized on April 8. . And this new monster entity, which includes Warner Bros. and HBO, is refining its new strategy, in particular with regard to its cinema and series branch, and therefore the adaptations of superheroes stamped DC Comics.

According to variety, David Zaslav, the boss of this conglomerate, would like to adopt a vertical content approach with DC productions. In marketing, making vertical content means exploiting a niche rather than trying at all costs to reach a wider audience. Here, the idea would therefore be to attract fans of the genre with films and series organized around a coherent structure, as Marvel has been able to do with the MCU, which is now developing successfully on Disney Plus.

And since Marvel is the ultimate model, Zaslav is said to be auditioning candidates to find the one who could become DC Comics’ Kevin Feige. A sort of super showrunner capable of developing a global vision, from cinemas to streaming. always according to varietywhether he is satisfied with the box office results of certain films, such as Aquaman Where The Batmanhe would also like to take as an example the success of the film Joker by Todd Phillips and continue to exploit other supporting characters from the DC Universe, such as Harley Quinn.

In fact, this global strategy has already begun to take shape. Series Peacemakerderived from The Suicide Squad, successfully launched on HBO Max. And a similar project with the Penguin of The Batman (played by Colin Farrell) is in development. But this logic could therefore move up a gear, and even extend to the world of video games, under the impetus of the new boss, whose mission is to achieve 3 billion in savings in synergy following the merger of Warner Media and Discovery.

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