Warner Bros. would have done Matrix 4 with or without Lana Wachowski

It is the producer James McTeigue who says it!

Matrix Resurrections has just been released to the movies, and is talked about a lot. For First, the film of Lana wachowski is “a surprising and pleasing middle finger to the industry”. A rich blockbuster, playing with the expectations of the spectators and the Hollywood system. Validated by the Warner Bros., it should even be entitled to a sequel, the producer Ann Sarnoff having confirmed that she wanted to continue the adventure with the director (but the latter considers on the other hand that “Resurrections is not the start of a new trilogy”, then … wait and see!).

Excluded – Lana Wachowski: “There was no question of going back into the Matrix to go back”

Another Matrix producer, James McTeigue, provides this week at Collider that Lana Wachowski’s presence was not always ensured at the helm of the fourth film. According to him, there is “always had discussions” around a potential Matrix 4, with or without its co-creator (Lilly Wachowski did not want to return as on the trilogy, for very personal reasons.

“Listen, he said to the American site. I believe that when you have a franchise with such a large earning capacity, there is always discussion. It’s the same at Marvel, where they come back to their productions, allow themselves to rehearse, whether with Spider-Man, Iron Man or Thor. There are always opportunities to update these movies, and make money from them, as well as new stories. I wouldn’t say that there are only tax reasons, but yes, concerning Matrix, there have been several versions (before Resurrections). None were ideal. So when Lana came to tell us: ‘I want to make a new movie’, of course they chose to follow the director behind Matrix. “

The trailer for Matrix: Resurrections :

Yes, Matrix Resurrections has a post-credits scene (but that’s OK)

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