Watch The Long Goodbye, the short film that won Riz Ahmed an Oscar

A very personal film written and performed by the English actor.

Riz Ahmed’s victory with his short film, The Long Goodbye, was doubly eclipsed at the last Academy Awards. Firstly because he won, in the company of director Aneil Karia, in one of the eight categories deprived of live by the Academy, then because of the slap in the face of Will Smith who swept away everything in the media in his path, including in cinema media such as Première.

Never mind, it’s not too late to catch up and celebrate this trophy, as did the actor named last year for Sound of Metal, who proudly posed with her mother and the precious statuette, back home. On the evening of the Oscars, he had released a clear, clean and precise speech, which echoed both the subject of his short film and the dramas that the world is currently going through:

In these times of division, we believe that stories are there to remind us that there is not one side ‘we’ and two. There is only ‘us’. It’s for anyone who feels like they don’t belong. Anyone who feels like they’re stuck in no man’s land. You are not alone. We’ll meet there. This is where the future is. Peace.

The Long Goodbye, it was originally a concept album released by Riz Ahmed (who is also a rapper!), and in which he addresses the identity crisis of British people from South Asia. Himself a Muslim and originally from Pakistan, but born in London, Ahmed compares this relationship to a toxic couple, all in the context of Brexit (the album was released in 2000) and the rise of extreme -right in Britain.

To accompany the disc (where his mother appears, as well as actors like Mindy Kaling or Mahershala Ali), Riz Ahmed wrote this shocking short film where he interprets a capella one of the most beautiful texts of the album. A film that you can watch freely, since it is online on the actor’s YouTube channel:

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