We know more about the return of the Red Ribbon army in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

A rather “comical” opponent, even if the army should be able to rely on Gamma # 1 and Gamma # 2 …

Little by little, the mysterious film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero unfolds. And we know from the first images posted online that the Red Ribbon army will be back! Why ? How? ‘Or’ What ?

In a recent interview with Nikkei Entertainment magazine, executive producer Akio Iyoku gives some details and specifies in particular that the film will show more of the side “army“of the Red Ribbon Army.

Above all, he suggests that the film will make them villains rather “comical“, which “plans“and set up”strategies“, more than a real opposition of raw power against which Goku & co should be working.

The two bosses, Magenta and Carmine, will be “the key” of the first half of the film with their villainous plans.

So what about Gamma # 1 and Gamma # 2, the two warriors who are members of the Red Ribbon army that we see on the official poster? Ikoyu confirms that they will be fine “inhuman“and that digital effects will be used “showcase very specific speed and fighting style”.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will be released in late April in Japan. No date yet in France.

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