We know who will play John Wick’s young Winston in the Continental

Colin Woodell ian mcshane
Warner Bros. / Lionsgate

Actor Colin Woodell will reprise the role played by Ian McShane in the films.

We know who will face Mel Gibson in The Continental ! The actor Colin Woodell (seen in The Flight Attendant) joins the series John wick currently in development for the Starz channel. He will play the main role, that of the young criminal named Winston Scott, evolving in the slums of New York City in 1975, to try to take control of the Continental, the privileged meeting point for bandits of all kinds. It’s Ian McShane who plays old Winston, boss of the Continental, in the movies John wick. Colin Woodell will therefore play his young version in this prequel.

The casting is completed by Hubert Point-Du Jour (The Good Lord Bird), who will play a certain Miles, as well as by Jessica Allain, Mishel Prada, Kate Nhung and Ben Robson.

let’s remember that The Continental will be a 90-minute, three-part television event scheduled to air on Starz. No release date. As for the franchise John wick, the release of the fourth film is scheduled for May 27, 2022.

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