West Side Story, by Steven Spielberg: New trailer filled with never-before-seen footage

“Life matters more than love,” warns Rita Moreno.

When Maria, a young girl who came from Puerto Rico to New York in 1957, falls in love with Tony, a boy from an Irish family who also emigrated to the United States, the couple relentlessly rekindles the tensions between two rival gangs, the Sharks. and the Jets. We may know the story by heart, these new images of the new version of West Side Story produced by Steven spielberg are tempting:

The next Steven Spielberg will be an autobiographical film about his childhood

As aesthetic as his first poster, which has also just been shared by 20th Century Fox, this montage is logically fulfilled. dance scenes and clashes (in particular the already famous plan of the shadows of the two clans which approach). The filmmaker also multiplies the magnificent images of the American city reconstituted in 50’s fashion and of its inhabitants, including the two central heroes, who succumb for a forbidden love under the worried or defiant eyes of their loved ones, all against a backdrop of social tensions. . All punctuated in music, of course, the composers David Newman (Anastasia), Jeanine Tesori (Fun Home) and Matt Sullivan (Chicago) being responsible for re-orchestrating the cult songs of Leonard Bernstein. The revelation Rachel Zegler now plays the heroine, Ansel Elgort (Baby Driver) his suitor, and Rita Moreno, who became a star thanks to the original multi-Oscar winner Jerome Robbins and Robert Wise, in 1962, plays Valentina, the manager of the grocery store where he works, and who warns the young man: “Life matters more than love”, she said, worrying to see him put his life in danger for his beloved, a few moments after the mockery of one of their friends who witnessed their love at first sight live: “Do you want to start World War III?”

West Side Story will be released on December 8 in theaters. Here is his poster:

West Side Story, by Steven Spielberg - poster
20th Century Fox

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