What are Netflix audiences? The group reviews its official methodology

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One way to determine a more precise classification of the most popular creations.

The hearings of Netflix have been in the spotlight for a few weeks, with the phenomenon Squid Game. Except that the figures announced by the platform are also criticized, because of the methodology: to date, the American group makes its calculations on the basis of subscriber accounts who have watched “at least two minutes” of a television series or ‘a movie. An in-house calculation, and not carried out by an independent authority, let us specify.

Thus, 142 million households watched at least two minutes of Squid Game since it went online four weeks ago. Which makes it the biggest hit of Netflix, and by far, since the second in the ranking, Bridgerton, does almost half as well (81 million).

The method can therefore be improved and Netflix announced on Tuesday that it would change the way it reports on the audience of its productions. During a conference on its third quarter results, the streaming giant confirmed that the official calculation will now be the total number of hours watched by all accounts subscribed to. Netflix. This revised approach is intended to provide “a better reading engagement and viewing satisfaction” (via TheStreet.com).

With this new methodology, Bridgerton returns to number one, with 625 million hours watched by all member accounts in the first 28 days, ahead of Season 4 of La Casa de Papel and season 3 of Stranger Things. This makes it possible to avoid giving less importance in the calculation of audiences to (many) curious people who simply watch the first episode, or even part of an episode …

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