What does Lance Hornsby really want in Season 11 of The Walking Dead?

Lance Horsby in Season 11 of The Walking Dead

The showrunner warns: “Clearly, this guy is the type to haggle, to surround …”

Of course, we got to know Sebastian, the boss’s son. We also crossed paths with Mercer, the head of security. But while waiting for the entry on the scene of Pamela Milton, season 11 of The Walking Dead especially put forward, in its first part, his right arm Lance Hornsby. A visibly devious guy, with thinly veiled schemes.

“Clearly, this guy is the type to haggle, to surround himself with. He’s a different kind of character than the ones our people are used to meeting. Because our Alexandrians have never had to deal with a big community. like this. With a government. And also with this guy who sort of fixes the problems, but who asks for favors in return. A guy who plays with the strings of power, ” comments showrunner Angela Kang in EW.

“He’s definitely someone who, if he’s on your side, to get you some very, very good things. Besides, our people say to themselves that for now, he’s only been helping them. But at the same time they are not naive and keep an eye on him. Is this all honest? What is really behind this place? So far there is nothing to worry about, so they’re playing along. “

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The showrunner specifies that Josh Hamilton, who plays Hornsby, “is really fun and perfect for playing this character, because he plays it all like a game of chess: if I move my pawn here, move that one and get that from such and such a person, then everything is fine. line up and dominoes will fall … “ It remains to be seen which dominoes we are talking about. What is its goal at the end of the day?

Recall that season 11 of Walking dead will have 24 episodes in total and will be divided into three parts. The premiere will therefore end on Sunday evening and in France on OCS in US + 24.

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