What does Lucy Hale think of the Pretty Little Liars reboot?

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“Oh my God, it’s so depressing to have to give advice to a new generation already …”

She was Aria Montgomery for 7 seasons of Pretty Little Liars, so she knows what she’s talking about! Lucy hale is no longer the star of PLL for some time now and while a reboot, Original Sin, is preparing, it must give its opinion on those which will replace it soon.

“Oh my God, it’s so depressing to have to give advice to a new generation already“she said to TVline. “But I think it’s great. It’s an honor that they want to continue the legacy of pretty Little Liars. Isn’t that cool? I know Bailee Madison, who was cast for the show, well and love her. I will always support other artists and actresses, whatever the business. I think it’s important to stick together because there isn’t enough support in this environment in my opinion. And I’m also curious to see what they will do with it. “

The new Pretty Little Liars recruits its first stars to the casting

Consulting level, Lucy hale knows that “their life is about to change drastically, like ours before them. When I was doing pretty Little Liars, I was still thinking about the next year. I was never in the moment, so I missed a lot of little moments. We worried about things we shouldn’t worry about. It’s very vague, but my advice is just to make the most of the moment. It is a once in a lifetime experience. “

New pretty Little Liars is currently in production and slated for release sometime in 2022 on the American streaming platform HBO Max.

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