What does the Uncharted post-credits scene mean?

She is obviously there to tease the sequel…

Beware of spoilers! As its title indicates, this article is devoted to the very end ofUncharted. Better to have seen the blockbuster of Ruben Fleischer before reading further.

If post-credits scenes have become the rule in Hollywood, this one immediately answers a question that the public could ask themselves when discovering the name of Pilou Asbaek (Euron Greyjoy in Game Of Thrones, Batou in Ghost in the Shell) among the list of actors: where was he during the whole film? In fact, he only appears during this bonus sequence where we find Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) in a bar in South America. Pilou faces him as Gage, a menacing figure missing an eye, who is accompanied by his armed henchmen. Nathan is looking for a necklace, his opponent is there to negotiate, and during this tense conversation with the young hero, he mentions a certain Roman, as well as a map that belonged to the Nazis. Nathan seems in trouble, but luckily for him, Sully (Mark Wahlberg) arrives, finally sporting the mustache of his character, as in video games. Once the jewel is recovered, they manage to escape, but are stopped by another threat, which the spectator will not see: the danger lies off-screen. The credits resume, and this time, the film is well and truly over.

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So what does this final sequence ending in a fishtail mean? She obviously teases a new treasure hunt, and therefore a potential sequel, which would be directly inspired by the original game. Drake’s Fortune, released by Naughty Dog in 2007. The Uncharted film clearly acts as a prequel, so after having presented the first adventures of Nathan and Sully in this first part, they will logically be led to team up again. This story of a card that belonged to the Nazis openly refers to the quest for El Dorado, which is so close to Nathan’s heart, since he learned that his ancestor Sir Francis Drake had participated in it. As for Roman, it is Gabriel Roman, the main antagonist of the games Uncharted.

It remains to be seen whether Uncharted – the movie will be successful enough for Sony to officially launch its sequel? Released on Wednesday in France, it started at the top of the day’s charts, with 186,000 admissions. It arrives in American theaters this Friday, and box office specialists are predicting a good first weekend for it. Before knowing the precise figures, nothing has been announced regarding its sequel, but if all goes as planned, the production ofUncharted 2 should be among the studio’s priorities… So, who would you see in Roman’s costume against Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg?

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