What future for Alicia in season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead? His condition explained

Fear the Walking Dead season 7

The two creators of the spin-off say more about the strange situation of the young woman, at the twilight of the first part.

Will Madison Clark be making a comeback in Fear the Walking Dead to witness the death of his daughter? We are entitled to ask the question, at the end of the “final mid-season”. The last episode of the first part of season 7 (to see in France on MyCanal) actually hurt poor Alicia. Attention spoilers!

The young woman, absent from the start, found Morgan and slowly told him about her recent traumas. She was bitten, trying to get out of the bunker. She amputated her arm, but still appears to be suffering from an infection. Is she slowly and inevitably transforming? That’s what she thinks. But is it the truth?

“We’ve seen people get bitten and die. We’ve seen people get bitten, amputate their limbs in time and survive. But what we see with Alicia is unique. She amputates her arm. She wakes up. and still suffers from a fever. And as Will confides in the episode, it’s not clear if it was from the bite, from sepsis or from the way she cut her arm … All in all. So this ailment is something she’s been dealing with for quite some time, and something she’ll still deal with in the sequel to Season 7 ”.

The two creators of Fear, Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss, thus prolong the suspense in EW. Of course, they’re not going to spoil Part 2 and reveal if the young lady is actually dying. They just explain:

“Alicia thinks she might be dying. She doesn’t know exactly what’s going on inside her. She has no way of knowing, other than the fact that she has survived the past few months. She is still not well. She is still suffering from the after-effects of that bite and that amputation. And it eventually leads her to this place (…) So I think the question of whether (the infection) will eventually take over. is a question that will have to be watched as we go through Part 2. But for Alicia, it is the basis of an existential questioning: “I don’t know how much time I have left. And what am I going to do with it? “I think that sums up his current state of mind well.”

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With his new half-mechanical, half-skeletal arm, “as a declaration of its own strengthAlicia didn’t give up fighting. She still thinks of Padre. But does there really persist an echo of humanity in the zombies, as she would like to believe? “Some of these questions will be answered in Part 7B. We’ll learn more about why Alicia felt so compelled to follow this particular walker.”

The second part of season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead will be broadcast from April 7, 2022.

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