What have we all done to God?, hell and lady Nation [critique]

Third part of a breathless franchise.

After a first under-rev sequel three years ago which should have alerted its authors to an imminent crash, the “ Good God returns with a third part taking as a pretext the 40 years of Claude and Marie Verneuil. Their daughters decide to organize a huge fiesta in the large family home of Chinon, and to invent the parents of each of the sons-in-law (Why? We will never know). Unsurprisingly, the comic codes and springs remain strictly the same, namely a mixture of stereotypes and ordinary racism. But this time nothing makes sense. The characters seem to get angry for no valid reason and the film forages from one quarrel – and one reconciliation, rest assured – artificial to another. It would be hard to quote a vaguely funny scene: nothing works in these senseless shouting matches and these forced cohabitations. So you have to invent additional adventures that also fall flat: Ségolène (Émilie Caen) reinvents herself as a contemporary artist but everyone hates what she does; a German gallery owner turns out to be in love with Mother Verneuil; Ary Abittan launches into the production of inflatable yurts (no pay off at the “valve”, except that it will be necessary to draw lots which of the parents will sleep in them)…

Even the cast no longer seems to believe it, everyone plays like in a telenovela, with the exception of Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby (but the duo is as poorly served in dialogue as the others). In short, the franchise is drained. Good timing: us too.

What have we all done to the good God?, currently in the cinema. Trailer :

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