What if …? Episode 6, ultimate tribute to Chadwick Boseman before Black Panther 2

A very emotional episode, one year after the actor’s death.

There is an air of Wakanda Forever, in episode 6 of What if …? (posted this Wednesday on Disney +). And for good reason, T’Challa, the royal family and the whole country are at the heart of this alternative history, through … Killmonger! Warning for spoilers.

Michael b jordan is back to play as the big villain of Black panther. Except that this time, he will go about it much more subtly, to conquer the throne of his country of origin. Erik is going to hatch a multi-gang Machiavellian plan, manipulating everyone from start to finish. First Tony Stark, whom he saves from Afghan terrorists, before publicly unmasking Obadiah Stane. He thus becomes the best friend of the billionaire genius, preventing him in the process from becoming Iron Man. Now infiltrated in the upper echelons of Stark Industries, he will develop robots in the minds of those that Justin Hammer is supposed to create in Iron man 2.

What if ...?  episode 6

This will allow him to officially launch a search for Stung Vibranium in Wakanda. For this, he will work behind the scenes with the villainous Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) and kill Colonel James Rhodes (Don cheadle), by passing off his murder as an assassination of the Dora Milaj … and thus triggering a war between America and Wakanda!

By the way, Erick attracts Black panther… and executes it using Stark’s sonic weapons. Killmonger has gotten rid of his cousin T’Challa, and the character’s death is bound to be fraught with meaning. Already crossed several times in What if …?, Chadwick boseman makes a new posthumous vocal appearance here in this episode 6. More intense than ever. Because a year after the death of the actor, the funeral of Black panther shown here are symbolically strong in emotion for fans of the MCU.

With this murder, Erick will be able to go to the end of his mission: to find his Uncle, his country, then to put the death of the prince on the back of the United States, before winning the confidence of the Royalty of Wakanda by helping them to win. the US drone army … Sneakily, and despite the forthcoming counterattack from Shuri and Pepper, Erick the Outcast has moved closer to the throne. Inexorably. T’Chaka even gives him the costume of Black panther… What if Killmonger fooled them all?

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