What if …? What we know about season 2 for now

What if ...?  episode 6

“We will find The Eternals, or Shang-Chi and the characters of Black Widow …”

We must now wait until the end of the year before finding a Marvel series on Disney Plus. Hawkeye will be launched on November 24 and What if …? completed his first season. But the MCU’s multiversal animated series will return to the streaming platform in a year or two.

Indeed, Kevin Feige has already confirmed that What if …? would have a season 2. And AC showrunner Bradley (via EW) already gives some info on what to expect: “With this second season, we’re going to stick with a form of anthology. It will be all new stories, lots of fun, new heroes and we will obviously start from Phase 4. We will find The Eternals, or Shang-Chi and the characters of Black Widow … “

What will be the consequences of What if …? on the Marvel Universe?

These future alternative adventures will this time avoid the big arcs “end of the world, let’s kill everyone “, assures Bradley, who explains wanting to concentrate “more on character stories, showing a different side of them that people don’t expect …”

And if there’s one character fans liked about the first season, it’s Captain Carter. And precisely, she will be entitled to a sequel in season 2. “We realized, as we started to develop this second season, that Captain Carter would actually be a character that we bring back each season. We want to continue his adventure. Obviously, we are telling a story on a giant multiversal canvas. So you never really know who is going to show up where and when. It really is an anthology, but there is always the possibility of making fun connections … “

As a reminder, in the post-credits scene of season 1, Peggy reunited with Steve, after decades of separation …

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