What is Au nom de ma fille, the film about the Bamberski affair with Daniel Auteuil worth?

”It benefits from the powerful interpretation of Daniel Auteuil, between pain and obsession, madness and stubbornness.”

In March 2016 was released In the name of my daughtera drama inspired by an unusual court case, directed by Vincent Garenq (already behind Presumed guiltyon the Outreau trial and Investigationon the Clearstream affair), and led by Daniel Auteuil, Sebastian Koch and Marie-Josee Croze. It will be broadcast tonight on C8, and First recommend it to you.

The story ? Inspired by a True Story. July 10, 1982: Kalinka Bamberski, 14, is found dead in her mother’s new home in Germany. Kalinka had been vacationing there since she had rebuilt her life with an attractive and charismatic doctor, Dieter Krombach. Although the strange circumstances of his death, tinged with rape, all tend to incriminate Krombach, a conspiracy of silence seems to protect him.
André Bamberski, Kalinka’s father, then undertakes a self-taught fight in justice at the test of borders. Alone against the doctors, the judges, and even against his ex-wife, who sinks into denial, his relentlessness will be limitless so that the murderer of his daughter is found guilty and that he serves his sentence. Even if it means spending a lifetime there, for justice to be done.

Premiere’s review: This is the true story of a terrible legal saga. In 1982, on the death of his 14-year-old daughter, Kalinka, André Bamberski discovered inconsistencies in the autopsy report. His investigation leads him to Kalinka’s stepfather, a renowned cardiologist who has been exonerated; it will take him years to obtain the judgment and then the actual conviction of the murderer. Vincent Garenq (Presumed Guilty, The Inquiry) continues to visualize the workings of justice and what grips them. It follows in detail the fight of this father for the truth, in the edifying line of a fiction documented in Cayatte. The film benefits from the powerful interpretation of Daniel Auteuil, between pain and obsession, madness and stubbornness.

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Daniel Auteuil: “I almost gave up the role of Ugolin”

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