What is Bridget Jones Baby, with Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey worth? [critique]

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Bridget Jones's Baby Trailer

The most famous celibate is expecting a baby in this suite. But who is the father?

In 2016, Bridget Jones was back, twelve years after the release of the second opus, The age of Reason, and fifteen years after the first part. This suite is called Bidget Jones Baby, because the heroine imagined by Helen fielding and played by Renee Zellweger awaits a happy event. No “ghost baby” to justify his weight gain, this time! Problem: she doesn’t know who the father is. There’s a 50% chance it’s Mark (Colin firth) or Jack, her new lover embodied by Patrick dempsey. Which obviously gives rise to many misunderstandings …

Bridget Jones 3: three different endings to cover their tracks

This third film of the saga Bridget jones , which will be rebroadcast at the end of the weekend on TD1, is it worth it? Moderately, depending on First, who all the same appreciated a new character: the gynecologist embodied by the always perfect Emma Thompson.

Here is our review: Great return of the single Londoner and especially of Renée Zellwegger on the screen, Bridget Jones Baby succeeds at least on one point: overtake The age of Reason, a failed sequel produced in the wake of the first film’s enormous success. Bridget is back then, Mark Darcy and the I love you me neither, but not Daniel, whose character of flirtatious charmer is replaced by Jack, handsome American providential played by Patrick Dempsey. An absolutely incidental newcomer, whom the script never uses other than as a trophy that triggers the intrigue: Bridget having slept with him only a few days apart from a night with Mark, it could be that he is the father of the “baby”. For the rest, Bridget Jones has not changed (and Renée Zellwegger finds her moreover with apparent ease): she is still affected by the same physical-existential anxieties but simply has another way of managing them, as evidenced by this. the opening scene in the form of a nod to the first film. Always in search of Prince Charming therefore, despite all her attempts at emancipation, she continues to act against feminist ideas – a position asserted in one of the only strongly staged sequences where we see her walking against current of a demo of femens. However, one figure is responsible for counterbalancing this somewhat reactive speech, that of the gynecologist written and played by Emma Thompson, author of the best punchlines in this rarely funny comedy, which she balances with unstoppable precision. With her dismayed airs and utter lack of empathy for the two men who are vying for Bridget’s heart and the child’s fatherhood, the British actress takes charge of the comedy AND the film’s message. We would entrust him with writing the next part.

Trailer of Bridget Jones Baby :

The face of Renée Zellweger at the heart of Bridget Jones Baby reviews

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