What is Last Christmas worth, with Emilia Clarke as a Christmas elf? [critique]

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Daenerys falls in love with Henry Golding in this romantic comedy by Paul Feig.

In November 2019, the Mother of Dragons traded her crown for a leprechaun beanie: Emilia clarke as Kate in Last Christmas, of Paul feig. The director also called on Henry golding of Crazy Rich Asians to take the male role, after their collaboration in The Shadow of Emily, a crime film darker than the usual productions of Feig, who notably signed the remake Ghostbusters.

The pitch? Kate is an exuberant but somewhat confused young woman, racking up bad decisions and working as a saleswoman in a Christmas decoration store. Her meeting with Tom, too good to be true, will give her new perspectives for her future.

Here is our review of Last Christmas : It’s a meeting at the top: a screenplay by Emma Thompson brought to the screen by Paul Feig (My best friends), who knows how to make female characters shine. A romantic Christmas comedy where, while the whole world seems to gang up on her, a young woman in London meets a boy who seems to read her like in an open book and with whom she is going to fall in love. In the manner of Music of my Life with Bruce Springsteen, the clever scenario (even in its final well brought up twist) plays with the songs of George Michael. Feig confirms his talent asentertainer subtle and racy. And yet, something is wrong. Or rather someone. Emilia Clarke’s powerful and mimicry interpretation recalls how much the exercise of romantic comedy takes precision mechanics. It’s not Keira Knightley or Zooey Deschanel who wants!

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