What is the film Where We Come From? [critique]

Adapted from the great Broadway musical, it hits theaters this week.

On a scorching summer in New York, the residents of the Washington Heights neighborhood saw this heat as an invitation to dance and sing. We follow Usnavi, owner of a well-known neighborhood grocery store / café. He dreams of joining his native Dominican Republic, but his meeting with Vanessa, a young woman dreaming of becoming a stylist, risks upsetting his plans. Where we come from, realized by Jon M. Chu, is an adaptation of the famous Broadway musical of the same name (In The Heights in original version), directed by Quiara Alegria-Hudes and Lin-Manuel Miranda in 2005. Following this success, the adaptation was therefore eagerly awaited. The film is moreover described as “one of the phenomena of the year”.

Lin-Manuel Miranda has imposed himself on the general public with his musical Hamilton, premiered on Broadway in 2015. He has won numerous awards (Pulitzer Prize, three Tony Awards, three Grammy Awards, one Emmy Awards …), he also received a Grammy Award for best musical comedy album for Where we come from. Jon M. Chu, is successful with Crazy Dance, GI Joe: Conspiracy and more recently Crazy Rich Asians.

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Here is the review of First : The subject is very honorable. This film is a declaration of love for its neighborhood, its origins, its heritage. This tribute to diversity, to the sharing of cultures and to knowledge also hides darker issues, interesting to address, such as inequality of opportunity, racism, money, death, love. But above all and always this eternal questioning on the place that one occupies in society as an immigrant and the fact of feeling foreign. But the message is meant to be clear: everyone should be proud of their origins and heritage.

Players (Anthony ramos, seen in A star is born, Stephanie Beatriz, alias Rosa Ruiz in Brooklyn 99, Dascha Polanco, seen in Orange is the new Black…) are very involved and give their all in their role, which helps to immerse us in this universe to which we are perhaps not usually sensitive. They share their energy and their presence drives us to the rhythm.

However, given its length (still 2:23) and its (very) many songs, you really have to be a musical comedy fan to appreciate the film at its true value. Viewing can be complicated – even very long – for a person indifferent to this genre or to the music. These are catchy, but sometimes bordering on excess romance and pomposity. Despite the fact that it’s a musical, everything is a bit too much of an excuse for dancing and singing, sometimes without real logic, with dialogues that we could have done without. But if you are at least open-minded and interested in what you don’t know, you will find pleasure in it. We must especially recognize the immense work behind the realization, and the dances – sometimes too simple – bring together a lot of extras (most of whom are real inhabitants of the WH district).

Where we come from, directed by Jon M. Chu, in theaters June 23, 2021 – 2:23 a.m. Trailer below:

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