What is The Guitly worth on Netflix? [critique]

A remake carried by an impeccable Jake Gylenhaal but which does not add anything in particular to the very effective original

It is with the help of Nic Pizzolatto (True detective) that Antoine Fuqua launches an assault on the remake of the striking thriller signed by Danish director Gustav Möller in 2018. Remember: a stifling closed door where a police officer – in the closet following a case that has gone wrong and for which he is under investigation – was trying to come to the aid, from an emergency call center, to a young woman in danger of death on the other end of the line. A decidedly very inspiring story since his theatrical adaptation (Coupable) is currently being played at Studio Marigny with Richard Anconina (who made his stage debut on this occasion)

As for this American remake, one of two things. Either you have never seen the original (available on the Salto platform) and you will then be taken on by the twists and turns as perfectly orchestrated as they are surprising in this scenario which gradually turns into black and sticky tragedy, despite ( or more precisely because of) this policeman doing everything in his power to save this woman, with this great idea of ​​never showing her on the screen and always staying in the call center. Not to mention that in the role of the cop, Jake Gyllenhaal delivers a high level composition. However, anyone who has seen the original will not find in this Guilty made in the USA than a perfectly faithful copy and paste, to which Pizzolatto’s additions do nothing, quite the contrary. Because The Guilty works on the reverse logic: a total stripping to leave all the room to the spectator and his imagination.

Of Antoine Fuqua. With Jake Gyllenhaal, Christina Vidal, Eli Goree … Duration: 1h29. Available on Netflix October 1, 2021.

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