What is the value of Thelma, the fantastic film by Joachim Trier? [critique]

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Thelma by Joachim Trier
The pact

To see this evening on Arte.

While the new film by Joachim Trier, Julie (in 12 chapters) is currently at the cinema (preceded byexcellent reviews), Arte is putting the director in the spotlight this evening by broadcasting his 2017 fantasy film in the clear for the first time, Thelma, at 10:55 p.m. (just after Presumed innocent, with Harrison Ford). Note that it is already online on the channel’s website, until November 14. First recommend it to you.

The story of Thelma : Thelma leaves her family and countryside to continue her studies at a university campus in Oslo. She will experience new sensations and will have to face her own shyness, her differences, her first feelings of love… and the discovery of strange powers.

Criticism of First : We have known since Dreyer and Bergman that Nordic filmmakers are silent people worked on by questions relating to the human condition in general, religion and myths. For Joachim Trier, their distant successor, the question is how to deal with others to avoid sinking alone. After Oslo, August 31 and Back home, the Norwegian filmmaker continues to explore the theme of loneliness, this time placing it in a resolutely fantastic setting. Who is this Thelma, a young neurasthenic student that her worried parents call all the time? Would she have power over the elements? How would his attraction to the beautiful Anja represent a danger? Is she an angel or a devil? Like a Brian de Palma in Carrie at the Devil’s Ball, Sort distills the information in small quantities, gradually introduces a dysfunctional family (despite a displayed control), speculating on the expectations of the spectators and on their own anxieties. Thelma is a mannerist film (that’s a compliment), sure of its effects (they are very successful) and so aware of its effectiveness that the seams are roughly apparent to anyone who knows his Polanski or his Shyamalan on the end of the frames. Thelma Yet has a je-ne-sais-quoi of poisonous sophistication, a form of twisted ambiguity (largely indebted to the graceful Eili Harboe) which makes it very popular.

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