What is the “wheel” of La Roue du Temps? Rosamund Pike explains

Wheel of time

The interpreter of Moiraine explains how this somewhat vague fantastic concept works, which includes a “notion of predestination in history”.

The mythology of The Wheel of Time is rich. Complex. And not always easy to understand. The story of the Amazon series – which continues this Friday on Prime Video – is based in particular on a concept that goes beyond our vision of life: a “Wheel” which turns and which seems to guide the fate of each being in this world. ..

“The Wheel symbolizes the passing of time and how it changes the model of human society”, explain to us Rosamund Pike.

The main actress of the drama, who plays the magician Moiraine Damodred, details for Première how it works: “Each person and their destiny are like a thread in the great tapestry that weaves The wheel of time, again and again. The big sentence that sums it all up is: “The Wheel turns according to the will of the Wheel”. Which includes the notion of predestination in history. “

The Wheel of Time: “The comparison with The Lord of the Rings is welcome!”

Rosamund Pike continues by emphasizing “that there is not so much free will in this world”.

With one exception: “These people called the Ta’veren, who break the all-out scheme of the Wheel. The sons of men reform themselves differently around them. In short, these people can quite simply change the course of history! The 5 young heroes that we meet in the first episode are all Ta’veren and come from the same village, which is very rare in this mythology … “

The first season of The Wheel of Time continues every Friday, on Prime Video.

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