What is Wind in my Calves worth, with Agnès Jaoui, Isabelle Carré, Isabella Rossellini and Denis Podalydès? [critique]

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Wind in my calves

A comedy to discover Sunday on France 2, after election night.

As last weekend, the film of Sunday evening will be diffused after the results of the elections, from 22:50 on France 2. It will be about Wind in my calves, the second film by Carine Tardieu (very noticed in 2007 with its beautiful Mom’s head). Released in 2012, it is worn by popular actors. The young Juliette Gombert plays Rachel, 9, sandwiched between parents who force-feed her with love and dumplings, and who counts the minutes that separate her from freedom. Until the day when her path crosses that of the intrepid Valérie (Anna Lemarchand). A psychiatrist (Isabella Rossellini) will look into his case. Agnes Jaoui and Denis Podalydes play his parents, Isabelle Square, that of one of his girlfriends.

The Taste of Others: the recipe for success for the Agnès Jaoui – Jean-Pierre Bacri tandem

First was however disappointed with this second film. Here’s our review: The Biggest Challenge for Vocational Movies “Charming”, “poetic” and other synonyms of “Cute” is to leave the spectator the freedom to succumb to their attraction without flashing at any moment a sign in the form of a threatening manual: “Be careful, this sequence is intended to make you crack. “ At best, that gives the recent Fresh Start, by Cameron Crowe. But when the mayonnaise does not take, an anger inversely proportional to the prettiness displayed then turns against them. A few months after Pierre Rambaldi and his Tribulations of a cashier, it is now the turn of the unfortunate Carine Tardieu to exasperate us with her emotional comedy saturated with visual and musical frills, aesthetic compositions calculated to the point of neurosis and adventures where humor rings as false as the drama. Wind, nothing but wind.

Trailer of the Wind in my calves :

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