What to see in France on Netflix in October 2021?

The Office in full. And also Seinfeld. And also season 3 of YOU. And also season 2 of Locke and Key. And also the end of Family Business. And also the confined comedy of Dany Boon …

We are entering autumn, the days that are getting shorter, Halloween and all that … So to be in the theme, in this month of October 2021, Netflix will offer a few series that are scary. In particular season 2 of Locke and Key, eagerly awaited. Or season 3 of YOU, now with a baby!

To relax a bit, we will find the Hazans in their final deals, with season 3 Family Business. In movies, we can have fun in front of 8, rue de l’Humanité, the new film by Dany Boon, who laughs at confinement and the health crisis. Or in front of Army of Thieves, the heist comedy derived fromArmy of the dead, centered on Dieter, the German of Zack Snyder’s gang. Finally, we will also have an eye on The Guilty, the thriller film directed by Antoine Fuqua with Jake Gyllenhaal …

And then as a bonus, how to miss the integrals of Seinfeld and especially of The Office (Steve Carell version), which finally land on the platform …

Below, find the list of the latest additions to the platform (not necessarily exhaustive, since last minute or date changes are still likely to occur):


Seinfield – The complete, October 1
Maid – Season 1, October 1
Oats Studios : short films – Season 1, October 1
Scissor Seven – season 3, October 3
Blacklist – season 7, October 4
On my block – season 4, October 4
Sexy Beats – season 2, October 7
Pretty Smart – season 1, October 8
Squeaky and grinning tales, season 1, October 8
Babysitters – season 2, October 11
Another Life – season 2, October 14
You – season 3, October 15
SWAT. – seasons 1 to 3, October 15
Locke & Key – season 2, October 22
Dynasty – season 4, October 22
Maya, warrior princess, animated mini-series, October 22
The Office US : the complete, October 23


Anchorman 1 and 2, October 1
Fight Club, October 1
Scary movies 1 and 3, October 1
The Guilty , October 1
And the winning mistrals, October 1
Elektra, October 1
Night and day, October 1
Marley & me, October 1
Mr & Mrs Smith, October 1
People places things, October 1
Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, October 1
The Last black Man in San Francisco, October 1
Love you to death, October 1
Duplicity, October 1
Forever Rich, October 1
Swallow, October 1
Chabracadabra, October 1
Diana, the musicale, October 1
The Seven Deadly Sins: cursed by light, October 1
Full board, October 1
The foam of days, October 1
Halloween 5: Michael Myers’ Revenge, October 1
Samba October 1
Antoine and Colette, October 1
Anatomy, October 1
She’s so great, October 1
Love and other drugs, October 1
Enemy brothers, the 3rd of October
Killer Game, October 6
Pokémon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, October 8
Blue Period, October 9
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, October 9
Night teeth, October 20
8 rue de l’hhumanité, October 20
First man, October 20
Budapest, comedy, October 26
Halloween, October 26
Hypnotic, October 27
Army of Thieves, October 29


Franco: the forgotten dictator – Season 1, October 1
Baking Impossible, October 1
Surviving R. Kelly – Season 1, October 1
Bad Sport: organized cheating, October 6
Paik’spirit – Season 1, October 1
Convergence: together in the face of the crisis, October 12
The movies that made us – season 3, October 12
One Night in Paris– French stand-up, October 14
Haroun, October 27

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