What to see on Netflix in August 2021 in France?

John David Washington is Beckett, Jason Momoa is looking for his Sweet Girl, Sandra Oh becomes Director, and The Kissing Booth is closing its doors.

While you take a little well-deserved rest, Netflix will not stop and will chain the event releases during this month of August 2021. In particular on the cinema side, with Beckett, the new thriller worn by John David Washington (Tenet), but also with the new action film by Jason Momoa, which will be called Sweet girl, or with the animated film The Wolf’s Nightmare, derived from the saga The witcher. But the biggest hit will certainly be The Kissing Booth 3, last opus of the romantic trilogy, which will stop there.

As for the series, we will have an eye on the first steps of Sandra Oh on Netflix in Director, as well as the new thriller series adapted from Harlan Coben, Gone forever, and this time in French. Mostly, Mr Robot arrives on the platform with the complete of its four breathtaking seasons. To catch up absolutely.

Below, find the list of the latest additions to the platform (not necessarily exhaustive, since last minute or date changes are still likely to occur):


Control Z (season 2): August 4
Hit & Run – August 6
Love, Marriage and Divorce (Season 2) – August 8
The Bridade of Delights – August 11
Alrawabi School for Girls – August 12
Riverdale (season 5 – bet 2) – August 12
Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild – August 12
Gone forever – August 13
Brand New Cherry Flavor – 08/13
Valeria (season 2) – August 13
Downton abbey (the integral) – August 13
It will be alright – August 20
Director – August 20
Mr. Robot (complete): August 23
Oggy Oggy : August 24
Open Your Eyes – August 25
Clickbait – August 25
Post Mortem: No one dies in Skarnes – August 25
Titletown High – August 28
Good Girls (Season 4) – August 31


Yves Saint Laurent – August 1st
Vivo – August 6
The Kissing Booth 3 – August 11
Beckett – August 13
Ocean’s 8 – August 15th
Sweet girl – August 20
The Loud House Movie – August 20
tomb Raider – August 23
The Witcher: The Wolf’s Nightmare – August 23
He is too good – August 27


Shiny_Flakes: the little baron of the darknet – August 3
Pray Away: Martyred Desires – August 3
Cocaine Cowboys: Kings of Miami – August 04
Untold: the other side of sport – August 10
Dennis Nilsen: Memoirs of a Murderer – August 18
João De Deus: The Crimes of a Healer – August 25
Bob Ross: No Shadow on the Board? – August 25

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