What to see on Netflix in France in April 2022?

Ozark season 4 Ruth

The end of Ozark, the return of Better Call Saul, the Russian Doll and the Elite students.

To welcome spring, the Netflix catalog is enriched with highly anticipated new seasons in April 2022.

First there will be the return of the Spanish teens fromElitefor season 5. We will then follow the comeback of Saul Goodman in the final season of Better Call Saulthen that of the Russian Doll and its time loop. Finally, the adventures of Marty Byrde will find a conclusion in the final part ofozark.

On the cinema side, filmmaker Richard Linklater (Boyhood), will present his animated film Apollo 10 1/2: the rockets of my childhood, produced by rotoscoping. We will also have an eye on bubblea very beautiful animated moose, signed by the director of Attack on Titan.

Here is the list of the latest additions, not necessarily exhaustive, since last minute changes or dates are still likely to occur:


Tiger & Bunny 2the 01/04
Trivia Questthe 01/04
Dirty Linesthe 08/04
Elite – season 5, 08/04
Your mother embeds it04/13
Happy… or almost – season 2, 04/13
Ultraman – season 2, 04/14
Anatomy of a Scandal04/15
May: A Mother’s Rage04/15
Pacific Rim: The Black – season 2, 04/19
Better Call Saul – season 6, 04/19
In a Beat (The Marked Heart)04/20
Russian doll – season 2, 04/20
Mr. Hiyama’s Pregnancy (He’s Expecting)04/21
The 7 Lives of Lea, on 04/22
Selling Sunset – Season 5, 04/22
Grace & Frankie – Season 7, 04/29
ozark – Season 4, Part 2, 04/29


Battle: Freestylethe 01/04
Apollo 10 ½: The Rockets of my Childhoodthe 01/04
The Bubblethe 01/04
Always more beautifulthe 01/04
crystal stars, on 08/04
Metal Lordsthe 08/04
The In Between, on 08/04
Yaksha, a demon on a missionthe 08/04
Choose or Die04/15
Man of God, on 04/16
On the way to the future, on 04/22
Silverton Headquarters04/27
Under the palm trees, my mother04/29


Jimmy Savile: A British Nightmare06/04
The Ultimatum: We get married or it’s over, on 04/06
back in space, on 07/04
Senzo: Murder of a Soccer Star, on 07/04
Parks (Our Great National Parks)04/13
Abercrombie & Fitch: A Brand on the Thread, on 04/19
The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: Untold Conversations04/27
Bullsh*t: The great game of bluffing (Bullsh*t, the Gameshow), on 04/27
Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles, on 04/28

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