What to see on Netflix in France in February 2022?

Vikings Valhalla

The return of the Vikings with Valhalla, the return of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, the return of Shonda Rhimes, the return of the Chainsaw…

Two years later, Netflix will resuscitate the vikings in this month of February with a brand new series, Valhalla, a kind of sequel that will take place 100 years later, with new warriors. One of the events of the coming weeks on the platform, which will also see the little superhero Dion return, in the series How to Raise a Superhero.

We will also see Steve Carell return to his SpaceForce, for a crazy new chapter. And we will also have an eye on Inventing Anna, Shondaland’s new creation for Netflix after the hit Bridgerton. Especially since this time, it is Shonda Rhimes in person who is the creator. A first since Scandal !

On the cinema side, the streamer will have the honor of signing the return of Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Almost ten years later TS Spivet, he returns with a futuristic comedy titled bigbug. Netflix will also be the scene of a brand new Chainsaw Massacre, while making room, in the middle of his “originals”, for Claude Berry : the filmmaker will be entitled to his collection of films to review on the platform, Tchao Pantin at Manon of the sources Passing by Germinal.

Here is the list of the latest additions, not necessarily exhaustive, since last minute changes or dates are still likely to occur:


Gabby and the magic house, season 4: February 1
How to Raise a Superhero – season 2: February 1
The Walking Dead – season 10 – episodes 17 to 22: February 1
Kid Cosmic – season 3: February 3
In the shade of Magnolias – season 2: February 4
Disenchanted – part 4: February 9
Inventing Anna : February 11
toy boy – season 2: February 11
Ridley Jones: the protector of the museum – season 3: February 15
Jeen-Yuhs: The Kanye West Trilogy : from February 16
The Young Wallander – season 1: February 17
who lies ? – season 1: February 18
The Cuphead Show! : February 18
SpaceForce – season 2: February 18
Vikings: Valhalla – season 1: February 25


Anne Frank, my best friend : February 1
Claude Berry Collection: Tchao Pantin, Lthe old man and the child, Uranus, Manon des sources, Jean de Florette, Germinal and Together, that’s all : February 1
children of paradise : February 1
planet terror : February 1
ninja turtles 1 and 2 : February 1
Crazy, Stupid, Love : February 1
Victoria : February 1
Top Gun: February 1
Jackass 3.5 : February 1
Sorry to Bother You : February 1
Italian robberye: February 1
Through my window : February 4
An intimate conviction : February 6
The Privilege : February 9
tall girl 2 : February 11
bigbug : February 11th
dragon 3 the hidden world : February 12
scarface : February 16
The Secret of Brokeback Mountain : February 16
Chainsaw Massacre : February 18
The song of the wolf : February 20
Tirelessly : February 25


The Tinder Scammer : February 2
Downfall : the Boeing affair : February 18
love is blind (season 2): from February 11

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