What to see on Netflix in July 2021 in France?

Outer Banks season 2

No time to go to the beach! There are too many movies and new series to watch on the streaming platform this early summer.

Alone on the sand, eyes in the water, with your smartphone close at hand, or on your sofa, there will be plenty to do on Netflix this summer! The program for the month of July is particularly dense.

On the cinema side already, with the highly anticipated French fantastic blockbuster How I became a superhero, but also with the last Jean-Claude Van Damme, who will be called The last mercenary or with the animated film by Guillermon del Toro Troll Hunter: Rise of the Titans, which will complete its saga Tales of Arcadia.

On the series side, some of Netflix’s most popular dramas will feature their new seasons, either Virgin river and How to sell Drugs Online (season 3) or Sky Rojo and My first times (season 2). Atypical will offer its final chapter (season 4) and the French voodoo series Mortal will return with its second season. Finally, we will have an eye on the return of Musclor, with the new animated series Masters of the universe

Below, find the list of the latest additions to the platform (not necessarily exhaustive, since last minute or date changes are still likely to occur):


Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Shard : July 1
Young Royal, season 1: July 1
Generation 56K : July 1
Mortal, season 2: July 2
Send wood! : 2nd of July
Mine : The 4th of July
We The People : The 4th of July
Neighborhood quarrels : July 7
The Mire : July 7
Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness : July 8
Virgin river, season 3: July 9
Atypical, season 4: July 9
Biohackers, season 2: July 9
La Cuisinière de Castamar : July 9
My first times : the 15th of July
Van Helsing, season 5: July 16
Masters of the universe : Revelation: July 23
Sky Rojo, season 2: July 23
Racket Boys : July 27
How to sell drugs online (Fast) : July 27
The Snitch cartel: Origins : July 28
Transformers: War for Cybertron – The Kingdom: July 29
Glow Up, season 3: July 30
Outer Banks, season 2: July 30


120 beats per minute : July 1
The saga Twilight : July 1
La Grande Bellezza : July 1
Youth: July 1
The Cairo confidential : July 1
The Hobbit, the complete: July 1
Dynasty Warriors : July 1
Haseen Dillruba : 2nd of July
The 8th night : 2nd of July
Fear Street The Trilogy: 1994 : 2nd of July
Fear Street The Trilogy: 1978: July 9
Fear Street The Trilogy: 1966 : July 16
Major Grom: The Plague Doctor: July 7
It was last summerr: July 9
How I became a Superhero : July 9
A Classic horror story : the 14th of July
American Nightmare 4: the origins : the 14th of July
The Perfect Family Guide : the 14th of July
Gunpowder Milkshake : the 14th of July
A Perfect fit : the 15th of July
My amanda : the 15th of July
Jean-Claude Van Damme Collection: Timecop, full contact, Le Big tournament, Inferno, Black eagle the absolute weapon, Legionnaire, The Order, Replicant, Point of impact, in Hell : the 15th of July
Deep : July 16
Break : July 19
Rise of the Titans Troll Hunter : July 21
The last letter from your lover : July 23
Jackpotes : July 23
Kingdom: Ashin of the North : July 23
Blood red sky : July 23
Bartkowiak : July 28
Mama Mia! Here we go again : July 28
Complex Love : July 29
Resort to love : July 29
The last mercenary : July 30


Audible: defeat on all terrains: July 1
Our friends the dogs, season 2: July 7
Felinomania : July 7
Elize Matsunaga sinister fairy tale : July 8
Naomi Osaka : July 13
Red Privada, a too embarrassing chronicle : the 14th of July
Anthology heist : the 14th of July
My Unorthodox Life : the 14th of July
Emicida: AmarElo – Live in São Paulo: July 15
In short, season 3: July 16
High voltage seduction: Brazil: July 21 and 28
The Movies that made us, season 2: July 23
Tattoo to redo : July 28
The DeLorean Saga: Fate of an Auto Tycoon : July 30

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