What to watch on Netflix in France in December 2021?

The new Adam McKay with DiCaprio, the new Paolo Sorrentino, the western by Jane Campion, the end of La Casa de Papel, the sequel to The Witcher, the return of Emily in Paris …

Netflix is ​​going to spoil its subscribers for the holiday season! The program promises to be particularly encouraging, with a host of events that will follow one another. Starting with Jane Campion’s new film, a western titled Power of the Dog. In fact, several big names in cinema will present their new projects on the platform this month, as Paolo Sorrentino will follow with God’s hand, then it will be the turn of Adam Mckay and his Cosmic Denial, worn by Léo, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep. Finally, we will discover Maggie Gyllenhaal’s first film, The Lost Daughter.

As for the series, it is the return of The Witcher which will be expected by all fantasy fans. Season 2 is shaping up to be spectacular, as is the grand finale of La Casa de Papel. It will also be the farewell of the Robinson family for season 3 of Lost in Space. Also, Emily will come back in Paris for its second season, while the year 2021 will end on a high note with a brawl of karatekas in season 4 of Cobra Kai.

Below, find the list of the latest additions to the platform (not necessarily exhaustive, since last minute or date changes are still likely to occur):


Good doctor, seasons 1 to 3 – December 1
Lost in space, season 3 – December 1
La Casa de Papethe second part of the 5th season – December 3
Jurassic World: The Cretaceous Colo, season 4 – December 3
Centaurworld, season 2 – December 7
Go for it, doggie, go for it!, season 2 – December 7
Elite: short stories, first episode on, Philippe, Caye and Felipe – December 15
Superstore, season 5 – December 15
The Witcher, season 2 – December 17
Elite: short stories, second episode on Samuel Omar – December 20
Emily in Paris, season 2 – December 22
Elite: short stories, third episode on Patrick – December 23
The Silent Sea – December 24
Cobra Kai, season 4 – December 31
Don’t go away – December 31st


The Power of the Dog, by Jane Campion – December 1
Jane Campion Collection: Sweetie, The Piano Lesson, Bright Star – 1st December
Taxi Driver by Martin Scorsese – December 1
Robbers – 1st December
The Redoubtable – 1st December
Sept lives – 1st December
Let Romance Blast – December 2
The Grinch – December 3
The tape – December 3
The Claus family 2 – December 7
3:17 p.m. for Paris – December 7
Unforgivable – December 10
Back home – December 10
God’s hand, by Paolo Sorrentino – December 15
Snatch – December 15
A Christmas in California: The Lights of the Citye – December 16
Daddy don’t give a gift – December 21
At the antipodes of Christmas – December 24
She adores it – December 24
Don’t Look Up: Cosmic Denial, December 24
A castle for Christmas
– December 26
The Lost Daughter, by Maggie Gyllenhaal – December 31


La Casa de Papel: from Tokyo to Berlin, volume 2 – December 3
See – December 6
Stories of a Generation – with Pope Francis – December 25
Crime scene: The Times Square killer – December 29
Queer Eye, season 6 – December 31

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