What types of films do audiences prefer to watch streaming or in the cinema?

Superhero movies? Rather on the big screen. What about comedies? At home…

While the exit strategies “day and date” (the fact of offering a film at the same time in the cinema and in streaming, as do Disney and the Warner Bros., for example) are debated in the United States, the question of the preferences of the public as regards films takes more and more important in Hollywood. Hence this study by Morgan Stanley, published to accompany box office analyzes across the Atlantic.

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To explain the new challenges facing big movie studios, the site asked viewers several questions, including this one: What types of movies do you prefer to watch in a movie theater or stream at home? The answers are then divided by category (action / adventure, superhero, suspense / thriller, horror, comedy, animation etc.). The percentage of responses concerning the big screen is in blue and that for films seen rather at home in yellow. If unsurprisingly, big-show blockbusters, of the action / adventure and superheroic type, are mostly cited among the favorite feature films in the cinema, other answers are surprising.

For example, there is very little difference between science fiction films (39% vs 38%), while this type of film often requiring a lot of special effects could be likened to a great spectacle to be discovered on a screen. giant. Animation is also an interesting category, 43% preferred at home vs. 37%. However, the public has often rushed into theaters with the family to discover the new Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks, but the Covid-19 epidemic would it have slowed down this phenomenon and imposed more cartoons at home? The uploading of several works directly to DisneyPlus, in 2021, has also been the subject of much criticism, yet the gap is significant between the room and a streaming service, on this graph. Comedy would also be a genre more reserved for a “sofa party”, with 53% of people having chosen “I prefer to watch it in streaming at home” rather than in a movie theater. Dramas, romantic comedies and especially documentaries are also mostly cited in streaming, rather than in theaters: 59% vs. 17% for the latter category.

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