What will be the consequences of What if …? on the Marvel Universe?

Can the crazy events of the animated series really impact what will happen in Phase 4 of the MCU?

I am The Watcher. The multiverse, every world, every story, is my home. And I will protect him until the end. “ Jeffrey wright held a major role in What if …? and at the end of the first season, with those words, he (it seems) resumed normal activity. After breaking his oath and intervening to train the Guardians of the Multiverse, in order to stop Ultron, Marvel’s Observer will regain his title position, that of a completely external character, looking from afar – but carefully – at anything that happens in all universes.

What if …? Suicide Squad finale in MCU-worthy conclusion

And especially in the one that interests us, that of Earth-616 where our Avengers have lived for a dozen years. No, What if …? is not intended to lay the foundations for anything. And director Bryan Andrews thus recalls in EW : “We’re not a series designed to set up Avengers 5 … Now that doesn’t mean that either What if …? exists in a bubble. After this Season 1 ends, these universes continue in the MCU. It’s a cinematographic universe in progress, there are still things going on … “

Indeed, the events of What if …? are theoretically “canon”, since it is an official Marvel series. And in this sense, Tom Hiddleston explained recently in the Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, that the cartoon “sets up a whole bunch of stuff for the MCU. In this regard, What if …? is just as important as Loki! “

Indeed, if Loki laid the foundation for what the multiverse is in connection with Phase 4, the animated series materialized this immense potential, showing concretely what the concept could mean. This idea of ​​different universes, with different heroes, who intersect and intersect, will be at the heart of the next Marvel Cinematic Universe films. First of Spider-Man: No Way Home in a few weeks, and especially from Doctor Strange 2 in March 2022.

What if dark strange

So does that mean that we will find characters from What if …? Certainly a Thanos turned nice is not going to show up to give a helping hand. Certainly the zombies are not going to sweep over the Earth. On the other hand, it is emphatically whispered that Dark Strange, the dark version of Stephen Strange having switched to the dark side, seen in What If …?, could come back in the next one Spiderman. He could pass himself off as our Doctor Strange, if we are to believe his curious behavior of the various promos posted by Sony.

Universe devourer Kang the Conqueror is also known to soon be MCU’s big villain (as ofAnt-Man 3), following its introduction in Loki. Obviously, in his all-powerful omniscience, he will have noticed the damage caused by Vision with the Infinity Stones, traveling at will through the dimensions, and imposing himself, if you will, as the first villain of the Marvel multiverse.

And the Watcher? Will Jeffrey Wright appear in the flesh to give his take on the Multiverse of Madness of Doctor Strange 2, he who clearly became friends with the Sorcerer Supreme at the end of What if …? Nothing is less certain, but now we will know that it is there, to watch. And also that he is able to bring Natasha Romanoff back if one day Marvel feels like it. Indeed, in the Season 1 finale, he sent a Black Widow back to a different world than she was from, in order to replace the deceased Natasha in this alternate dimension. See her with the door wide open to a Scarlett Johansson comeback (now that she’s patched up with Disney) in Phase 4?

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