What will Echo look like in the new Hawkeye spin-off Marvel series?

Echo Marvel

A “concept art” has just been shared on the networks.

In the footsteps of Hawkeye, a Marvel series derived from the MCU should see the light of day on Disney Plus, devoted to the character of Maya Lopez. The young woman will become Echolike in the comics.

And a concept art showing the evolution of the character has just been shared on the networks: Wesley Burt posted on Twitter some visuals of the avenger who will always be interpreted by actress Alaqua Cox. This concept art shows Echo dressed more like a fighter, a warrior with a pair of nunchucks in her hand.

“Concepts finalized for Hawkeye’s Maya. It was so cool to see Alaqua Cox take on this great character and become a star with his own spin-off. As always, we owe so much to the original comic book by [David Mack] & [Joe Quesada]…”

For now, the series Echo is only in development. It won’t be released until 2023, at the earliest, on Disney+.

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