What’s my name? JCVD Will Battle Old Rivals In New Meta Movie

The muscles of Brussels are back, for an ultimate action film.

The action and the fights, it’s almost over for JCVD! The international star, famous for his fighting films, puts away the gloves and announces to Deadline a completely meta ultimate action feature titled What’s My Name? and made by Jeremy Zag. The screenplay is by Nick Vallelonga, behind Green Bookand Paul Sloan, on an idea of ​​Van Damme himself (he had some spoken in Premiere in July 2021). And what an idea! What’s My Name? will dive into the cinematic and personal life of the actor, having him play his own role, while he is plunged into a coma following a serious car accident. Waking up amnesiac and unrecognizable to everyone (including him), he will begin a quest for his own identity and the meaning of his life through a series of fights against emblematic opponents of his career. This will lead him to one last stand.

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“I wanted to leave the stage but with a revisit of my career, starting with All shots are allowedthe one where I started to become famous”said Van Damme. “I want it to be a new All shots are allowed but at a higher level. In the movie [What’s My Name ?], i’m on the downslope in terms of career, and coming out of the premiere of another action movie, i’m not happy because i’ve been living in hotels for the last 30 years, which is in fact true. (…) I walk in the street after the Premiere, and boom! A car hits me because I’m drunk. When I wake up from the impact, I don’t know what my name is, and no one recognizes me.” Director Jeremy Zag then adds: “He’s trapped in this impasse where his heart is his only guide and this road will take him through a journey that will include a lot of fights, in what will be a real mainstream action movie where we’ll treat JC like a real human superhero. I grew up watching JC and I want the new audience to do the same. When he faces Tong Po, he will start flashbacks in his mind, and we will reproduce some of the best fights from some of his greatest films.”

This very introspective pitch will therefore be fueled by the filmography of the actor and former bodybuilder, who will find his former film partners on screen. If the final casting has not been given, it is assumed that Dolph Lundgren (Universal Soldier), the character of Tong Po played by Michel Qissi (Kickboxer) and Bolo Yeung (Dual Impact) will be on display.

This feature film should be the last of the actor’s career as a war machine. At 61, the star hopes to relax after explaining her life to her audience, to enjoy it and go around the world. “I’m canceling everything to get back in shape, and after this movie I bought a small boat. Not a big boat, it’s not my style, but I want to go around the world, and relax. I’ve worked all my life, lived all my life in hotels for 30 years, all of this will be explained in the movie, how I got away from my family, after that I want to relax and enjoy my life and my family, because life goes by quickly.”

If other information is to come concerning this incredible film, Zag has already announced that the shooting will take place in Paris in several unusual places, such as the catacombs under the Paris Opera.

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