When Carrie-Anne Moss was in a series called The Matrix

When Carrie-Anne Moss was in a series called The Matrix
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It was five years before Wachowski’s film, in 1993.

Whereas Matrix Resurrections is released today at the cinema, TF1 will rebroadcast the original film at 9:05 pm. Good thing, the saga is doubly on the cover of First : Keanu Reeves (Neo) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) are on the front page of n ° 524 (December 2021) and the hero is also on the front page of our special issue Matrix.

Inside, First wonders about the legacy of the Wachowski saga, while digging through the archives, finding for example a portrait of the actress, who was almost unknown when she was chosen to play Trinity in Matrix. Explaining having undergone intensive physical training to be able to accept the role that changed her life, she looked back on her years of filming series for more or less forgettable roles. Among these experiences, she notably appeared in a series entitled … Matrix. “Overall, I take a pretty critical look at everything I did before The Matrix”, she explained in issue 267 (June 1999). To which the author of the interview, Christian Jauberty, added: “That of 99 … Because she also played in 1993 in a series called Matrix which had nothing to do with the film. Pure coincidence, then, but sometimes it doesn’t take more to get a resume’s attention. ”

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Indeed, browsing his filmography, we find a series of only 13 episodes entitled Matrix, which was filmed in Australia and aired on USA Networks that year. A SF project in which she played a certain Liz Teel alongside Nick Mancuso (Trap in the high seas), who played Steven Matrix, the main character giving his title to the show. The pitch? “Hit in the forehead by a .22 pistol, Steven Matrix” dies “and ends up in” The City In Between “, where he is shown the faces of all the people he murdered and a sea of ​​fire. Second chance.” In each episode, this anti-hero indeed had to repair his past mistakes, and a handful of characters always came back to his side, including Liz.

“I believe that the recipe for success is the combination of luck and preparation. I wanted to be ready for the day when luck passes.”, also said Carrie-Anne Moss at the time, before saluting the talents of the Wachowski sisters, in whom she said to have “absolute confidence”. She also admitted not owning a computer (a point in common with Keanu Reeves, moreover, who confided in a few pages earlier in a long interview), and added adoring his character of Trinity: “In life, we don’t always understand why we do what we do. I’m not a cerebral. I first listen to what my heart tells me. What connects me to my character is that Trinity is strong and feminine at the same time, emotional, sensitive, vulnerable. This is not common in an action movie. “

More anecdotes about the Matrix can be found in our special issue.

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