When Deadpool helps Ryan Reynolds promote Free Guy

A video with Korg, introduced at Marvel in Thor: Ragnarok …

It’s the first time that Dead Pool meet an official member of the MCU… The Marvel character formerly owned by Fox has made a comeback on Twitter from Ryan reynolds, and he was accompanied by Korg, creature of the official stable, landed in the MCU via Thor: Ragnarok and quickly reviewed in Avengers: Endgame.

This first “crossover” which is nothing short of canon, because it is in fact an advertisement. A promo posted for Free Guy, the new film by Ryan reynolds, which was due out in movies last year and pushed back by the pandemic. The funny video is played “trailer reaction”, that is to say that Dead Pool and Korg comment on the trailer for Free Guy, a high concept film, a mix of Truman Show and of Ready Player One, in which Ryan reynolds plays a bank employee who discovers that he is in fact only a secondary character in a video game strongly inspired by the Grand Theft Auto franchise: a “Non-player character” (NPC). He then decides to become the hero of his own life … It will be seen on August 11, 2021 in France at the cinema.

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