When Gaspard Ulliel played for Martin Scorsese… in the famous Chanel ad

Martin Scorsese and Gaspard Ulliel

The actor, muse of the BLEU perfume by Chanel, was directed 12 years ago by the American director.

Noted in the cinema for his talent as an actor but also for his elegance, it is no surprise that the actor Gaspard ulliel became in 2010 the muse of the House of Chanel, representing her perfume for men entitled “Bleu de Chanel”. And to accompany this entry into the world of fashion, not the first for this son of designers and the one who will interpret Yves Saint Laurent four years later in the Saint Laurent by Bertrand Bonello, an advertisement was in order:

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This advertisement, in which Ulliel bursts the screen, is also the first (and unfortunately last) collaboration between the actor and… Martin Scorsese. Indeed, the director had taken the advertising hat for Chanel, directing Ulliel until creating a spot still celebrated today as one of the outstanding roles (in a way) of the actor. A spot that also offers a documentary-style making-of, in which Gaspard Ulliel details his experience in front of the great Scorsese’s camera.

And at the time of tributes to Gaspard Ulliel, tragically deceased after a skiing accident on Wednesday, the one who had covered him with a cinematographic eye for the time of a cult advertisement wanted to salute “his sense of dedication” and “his intelligence” (via Indiewire). “He loved cinema, and I know he would have become an interesting director if he had been able to realize his dream”.

As a reminder, this famous 2010 advertisement had two sequels, in 2015 and 2018, produced respectively by James Gray and Steve McQueen.

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