When Gus Van Sant wanted to make Fifty Shades of Gray

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When Gus Van Sant wanted to make Fifty Shades of Gray
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The director of Will Hunting also wanted to film the first Twilight.

Sunday evening, TF1 programs a double dose of Fifty Shades of Gray, the adaptations of the first two novels of EL James being scheduled from 9:05 pm. Shortly after the film’s release, in May 2015, the director of Will Hunting confirmed in Premiere that he was interested in directing the original opus. Flashback.

What would have looked like Fifty Shades of grey through Gus Van Sant ? Rumor has it that the director of Will hunting (two Oscars), Elephant (Palme d’or 2003) or Harvey Milk (two Oscars) was among the candidates to bring EL James’ best-selling sado-maso to life on the big screen. At the microphone of Première and under the hot Cannes sun, Gus Van Sant (who then presented The Forest of Dreams with Matthew McConaughey in competition for the Palme d’Or) confirmed that he was indeed one of the contenders for the title of director: “Yes, I wanted to do Fifty Shades of Gray … I had meetings with the studio but didn’t get the job”, did he declare. As a reminder, Van Sant had also wanted to turn the last shutter of Twilight

The trailer for Fifty Shades of grey :

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It was finally Sam Taylor-Johnson who landed the job of filming the somersaults of Dakota johnson and Jamie Dornan -which grossed $ 569 million worldwide. But since she refused to shoot the sequel, Universal handed over the sequels to James Foley, because in the meantime, Gus made it known that he no longer wanted to shoot. Fifty Shades Darker : “Nobody asked me to direct the sequel! But that doesn’t interest me more than that. I wanted to direct the first one, to make the film with my vision, and now I think the studio really wants a film that looks like first…”

The trailer for Fifty Shades Darker :

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