When Michael Bay apologized for Armageddon

This blockbuster with Bruce Willis will return this evening on W9.

In April 2013, 15 years after the release ofArmageddon, its director Michael bay apologized to the audience for his disaster movie starring Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck. At that time, he went out to the cinema No Pain No Gain, and had just been the target of many criticisms from its actors of transformers. Flashback.

40 years of Hollywood blockbusters: Armageddon (1998)

The trademarks of the blockbusters of Michael bay, of Bad boys at Transformers: The Dark Side of the Moon : huge explosions, curvy girls, elite military units, giant robots, etc. But not the questioning or any step back from his job, the director having had to endure the successive criticisms of his headliners Shia Labeouf (who wipes his feet regularly on blockbusters) and Megan Fox (the actress compared Bay to Hitler. They have reconciled since -Bay and Fox, not Bay and Hitler). Until today, where the director of The Rock simply apologized for Armageddon (1998), his third film where a meteorite threatens to strike the Earth and disintegrate humanity. Bruce willis and his team of oil drillers (Ben affleck, Owen Wilson, Michael clarke duncan, Steve buscemi) are flying into space in an attempt to save our planet.

“I’m going to apologize for Armageddon, because we had to shoot the whole movie in sixteen weeks. It was way under the time needed., Bay explained himself at the microphone of the Miami herald. The movie didn’t deserve this. I would do the whole third third if I could. “ In fact, the fault is mainly on the side of the Touchstone studio, producer of the film with Jerry bruckheimer (Bay’s eternal accomplice): “The studio literally took over the film at our expense. It was horrible.” We do want to believe it. Come on, there is no harm.

Importantly, Bay admits he had to deal with the film’s SFX: “My special effects supervisor did a nervous breakdown so I had to replace him. I called James cameron, and I asked him ‘How do you do the special effects yourself?’ But the film worked pretty well. ” Rather, yes: released in July 1998, Armageddon grossed $ 553 million at the time, making it the world’s biggest box office hit of the year, ahead of We have to save the soldier Ryan of Steven spielberg (481 million). And this despite a rain of bad reviews (according to the famous and regretted Roger ebert, this is the “first trailer of 150 minutes” to go out to the cinema). For the record, Armageddon got to JJ Abrams the only Razzie Award nomination of his career for his work with Jonathan hensleigh on the script of the film.

Honest Armageddon Trailer: “Done Boom, Even The Film Title”

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