When Nicolas Cage begged Uncle Coppola to give him a role in The Godfather 3

“I really saw myself as James Caan’s son …”

We often forget that Francis Ford Coppola is the uncle of Nicolas cage. It must be said that the filmmaker made very little work for his nephew (only in Cotton Club in 1984). Even when the latter, then on the rise, asked him a favor …

While he has just hit Cannes with Sailor and Lula, Nicolas cage begs Uncle Francis to give him a role in The Godfather 3, which he is about to shoot. But the latter refused!

Nicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage in the crazy trailer of Un talent en or solid

Asked by The Hollywood Reporter on the film he would have loved to make, Nicolas cage answers frankly and reveals this anecdote:

“That’s a very embarrassing answer to your question, because it involves family, but hey … So my uncle (Coppola) was preparing The Godfather III, and I said to him without batting an eyelid: I really think I should be in your movie uncle! I really think it would be a good idea if you could cast me. I think I could actually play that role. “

“He was going to cast Andy Garcia then, to play Sonny Corleone’s son. But I really saw myself as James Caan’s son. And there was just that role of Sonny’s son. I really felt like myself. James Caan. But it was not going to be able to be done, quite simply. No, it was not going to happen. It will remain, for me, a film in which I would have loved to be and that I could not make at in the end … “

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