When Sean Astin auditioned to play Mickey in The Goonies

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A video that takes us back 36 years to Astoria.

Update of December 29, 2021: In 2020, we celebrated the 35 years of Willy the One-eyed, and the flagship comedies of the cult film by Richard Donner will be are gathered in video to tell lots of anecdotes on its creation. Sean Astin also shared a video of his audition for the lead role. Flashback, pending the replay of Goonies on 6ter.

News of March 27, 2020 : The Goonies came out in December 1985 in France, headed by a newcomer named Sean astin. Long before his passage through Middle-earth or the Upside Down world, the 13-year-old kid played Mickey, the young hero at the head of the gang of Goonies, the one who pushes his friends on an adventure, to save his house in Astoria.

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Obviously, Astin auditioned for the role and on Instagram, he shared for the first time these images dating from 1985. 8 minutes during which he spent a test to integrate the film of Richard Donner : “This is an unprecedented video! My audition for The Goonies. I have been waiting to share this with you for 35 years. And I am doing it today when we are all in a difficult situation. “

It is to boost the morale of people confined during the Coronavirus crisis that the actor decided to post these images. But also to encourage people to give to The American Red Cross, on the front line during the health crisis.

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