When Simon Rex (Red Rocket) interviewed 2Pac

When Simon Rex (Red Rocket) interviewed 2Pac [vidéo]
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On the occasion of the release of Red Rocket on DVD and blu-ray, a look back at the extraordinary youth of its “hero”.

This week, Red Rocket arrives on VOD, DVD and blu-ray. Released last February, this film by Sean Baker follows a former porn actor returning to his hometown of Texas. Badly received by his wife, his mother-in-law and his former friends, he tries to make ends meet somehow, while the American people are about to vote for Donald Trump.

During its broadcast as part of the 74th Cannes Film Festival, in July 2021, Red Rocket caused a sensation, especially for its main actor, Simon Rex, himself a former porn actor. Here is what wrote First by discovering it on the Croisette : “Simon Rex aka Dirt Nasty for Intimates aka Mikey Saber in Red Rocket presented in the official selection. The 46-year-old man is obviously a revelation only for us. Gay porn star during the nineties, he was notably in the credits of the sagas Young, Hard & Solo and Hot Sessions (not seen.). On the net, his name is immediately associated with strong markers: Simon Rex net worth (we did not go to see), Simon Rex Scary Movie (the actor is a fan of parody films) or even Simon Rex Meghan Markle (an ex then!) We even found a video where the handsome kid – model and journalist in his spare time – interviews 2 Pac!” Here it is, shared with some pride by Baker himself on his YouTube account: “In 1996 I interviewed 2Pac for MTV – it was one of his last interviews. I never realized before that how white I was. FYI we were stoned. Thanks to Jordan Rubin for bringing this up!”

Red Rocket – Sean Baker: “The death of cinema? It’s bullshit”

But let’s continue our discovery of Red Rocket at Cannes : “In Sean Baker’s marvelous Red Rocket, he is Mikey Saber, a disgraced porn actor who returns to the Texas of his youth where he left only good memories. Simon Rex with his white teeth, his angel’s face, his well-sculpted body and his more than generous anatomy, generously portrays this unbearable man-child, the living incarnation of a certain idea of ​​American vitality. Great Rex then.”

Since then, the director told us about their funny collaboration in the pages of the magazine, and he also explained how special the filming of this project had been, filmed quickly and with little means in the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic. For a captivating result. At the heart of the Red Rocket bonuses on blu-ray, the two men discuss this fruitful collaboration for about twenty minutes. Sean Baker speaks in particular of his many improvisations on the set, which were kept by the director and help to give Red Rocket this aspect so realistic. Here is its trailer:

Red Rocket: a great political film carried by Simon Rex [critique]

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