When Taylor Lautner (Twilight) was supposed to be the star of Top Gun 2

When Taylor Lautner (Twilight) was supposed to be the star of Top Gun 2
Tom Cruise would have had only a supporting role in this version!

Tom Cruise would have had only a supporting role in this version!

Tom Cruise is on the cover of new number of First (n°530, June 2022)back in the Maverick costume, 36 years later Top Gun. In the file that accompanies this event, the editorial staff looks back on the long production of this sequel, made of numerous refusals by the star, who at first did not want to return despite the multiple requests from the production over the decades, and the staggering salaries that were offered to him to re-enlist. We tell you all about this in detail, and here is a passage from the article going back precisely to the beginning of the 2010s, when Christopher McQuarrie joined the project. If he is still today part of the creative team of Top Gun: Maverickthe pitch of the film that we can discover this week on the big screen is very different from that which was shown to it at the time by Paramount… Extract.

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Christopher McQuarrie, screenwriterUsual Suspects and Valkyriegreat architect of the franchise Impossible mission from Ghost protocol, has become Tom Cruise’s closest movie accomplice. However, his involvement in the sequel to Top Gun date before jack reacher and the Impossible missionas he recently explained: “The first time I was told about Top Gun: Maverickthat was eleven years ago, when I was invited to a meeting with Tom, Jerry Bruckheimer, David Ellison and Tony Scott.” At that time, indeed, rumors point to a sequel in which Cruise would have only a very secondary role: the plot would revolve around a new generation of pilots, drones that replace human fighter pilots, and even of Taylor Lautner in the lead role – yes, the werewolf Jacob revealed by the franchise Twilight which then dominates the box office! As for David Ellison, he is the boss of Skydance, studio co-producer of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, associated since 2009 with Paramount. Things are off to a good start. Ghost protocol exploded at the box office in December 2011. Tony Scott and Jerry Bruckheimer return to where it all began – the hunting school Top Gun – and discuss with officers and pilots, in search of new ideas. And then, on August 19, 2012, everything collapsed. Tony Scott commits suicide by jumping off a bridge near Los Angeles. “The movie disappeared with him”concludes McQuarrie.
But nothing ever really disappears in Hollywood: especially not in this era when the big studios only think in terms of “intellectual property”, brands, identifiable franchises, reboots, sequels, and legacyquels – sequels where the original characters return, even (and especially!) aged from the weight of years to pass the torch to a new generation fed on their exploits. If Bruckheimer and Cruise already talked about a sequel in January 2016, Top Gun 2 concretely reappeared in 2017 thanks to Joseph Kosinski.

(to be continued…)

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Tom Cruise finally plays a central role in Maverick: Top Gun. Here’s the film’s synopsis, its latest trailer, and our review:

After being one of the best fighter pilots in the United States Navy for more than thirty years, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell continues to push his limits as a test pilot. would force him to give up flying. He is tasked with training a detachment of young Top Gun school graduates for a special mission that no pilot would ever have imagined. During this mission, Maverick meets Lieutenant Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw , the son of his late friend, navigator Nick “Goose” Bradshaw. Faced with an uncertain future, haunted by his ghosts, Maverick will have to face his worst nightmares during a mission that will require the greatest of sacrifices.

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